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Welcome to Sri Lanka, a land full of stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and warm hospitality. An island where the sun shines every day, and coconut palms sway gently to the warm sea breeze. From northern Hindu temples to ancient kingdoms and tropical jungles, the beauty of Sri Lanka grows greater the deeper you ride into its heartland.

Think of a land where smiles are plenty; and a dose of island hospitality rooted in every soul you meet. A place where the aroma of warm, sizzling coconut oil wafts through the kitchen windows and fishers offload the freshest catch in the wee hours of the morning.

Our cycling tours focus on capturing the best of Sri Lanka through a mix of well-trodden journeys and rugged pathways known to a few. Sri Lanka is the ideal place for you to cycle in, whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced cyclist. From seemingly easy flat coastal highways to rugged zigzagging pathways in the central hills, Sri Lanka has a lot to offer for cycling enthusiasts.

Although a small island nation, Sri Lanka packs a punch with its history spanning over 2000 years, with influences from its past colonial rulers—the Portuguese, Dutch and British. A country shaped by a series of historical invasions from neighboring India and migrations of different cultures and communities across the world who walked through the island and settled down, Sri Lanka has a truly unique identity today. An amalgamation of cultures and communities, the diversity shines through the island’s rich cuisine and festivities. And despite the diversity it boasts of, one thing remains universal across the island; locals here in this tropical island are warm and friendly, and you will instantly feel at home with our welcoming hospitality in Sri Lanka. With love, laughter, and adventure, come with us to enjoy this amazing country on a cycle.


Here at Across Ceylon, we focus on uncovering the best of Sri Lanka with all our cycling tours. Sri Lanka is known for its natural beauty, and with every mile you ride, prepare to be amazed! Our tours will take you up into the hills with breathtaking tea plantations, cascading waterfalls, while the cold wind hum on your face as you cycle. Our tours also pass through the cultural triangle, uncovering ancient cities and historical ruins. Magically, our pristine beaches along the coastal line will transform you into the joys of a tropical summer in an instant. Our wildlife tour will take you to the home of the Sri Lankan leopard, Asian elephants and glamorous peacocks. Sri Lanka is full of natural wonder. Join us to explore; with a heart full of memories to take back home.


As experienced cyclists ourselves, we believe Sri Lanka is the perfect country for every bike enthusiast to get a taste of many things. Being a tiny tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka brings you a punch, with varied landscapes and cultures every passing mile.

This tiny landmass comes with sandy beaches, ancient historical sites, cold mountaintops, raw wilderness, and vibrant cultures. All of this makes Sri Lanka the ideal cycling destination—as a rider, you will have plenty of time to experience diverse landscapes, cultures, cuisines, and so much more in one cycling tour. As an experiential cycling tour provider in Sri Lanka, we bring you a taste of everything this island has to offer; and we take pride in curating unforgettable cycling adventures to fill your mind, body and soul.


Here at Across Ceylon, we believe that the best way to discover Sri Lanka is on two wheels. A cycle can get you a long way, and in this case, your path is full of exhilarating adventures to accompany you. Our bikes are world-class, our gear is top-notch, and every cycling tour at Across Ceylon comes with a handpicked selection of charming stays full of local colour. Add to this are the plates full of homecooked meals. With a support team, health staff and professional photographers to capture every moment along the way, your journey will feel like a vacation far away. Our team of expert cyclists are always there for you, guiding you along the way as you discover the joys of this tropical island, and make lifelong memories.