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At Across Ceylon, we love cycling, and are fascinated by the breathtaking landscapes and rich cultures of our beautiful island. With experienced guides, top-notch gear, unique stays with local character and the ever-smiling warm hospitality the island is known for, you are guaranteed an unforgettable adventure with us.

Our cycling tours bring beginners as well as professional cyclists the opportunity to glimpse into far corners of Sri Lanka as we strive to provide you with the best experiences. We are also committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by practicing a sustainable tourism approach while keeping in mind the importance of preserving the traditions and cultures of the communities we visit.


Our vision is to thrive on service excellence and providing exceptional cycling tour adventures to our clients whilst proactively contributing to the community and to sustainable tourism industry in reaching heights as new destination for cycling and global events.


We, Across Ceylon on a mission to provide client centric unparalleled cycling adventure experiences with partner collaborations and sustainable relationships.


Reduce carbon footprint across Ceylon

We aim to have a positive impact on the environment through two main CSR initiatives:

  1. Promote sustainable transportation leading to reduced carbon emissions. By choosing to cycle instead of using motorized transportation, Sri Lankans can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. We aim to achieve this by conducting bi-annual workshops on the importance of cycling and donating repaired bicycles to selected individuals from rural parts of Sri Lanka.
  2. Promote reforestation through tree planting. This CSR project can have several benefits, including improving air quality, promoting biodiversity, reducing soil erosion, and enhancing water quality. It can also contribute to social well-being by creating employment opportunities for local communities, promoting sustainable livelihoods, and improving the overall quality of life in these communities. We aim to collaborate Bottom of FormTop of Formwith local communities and NGOs to identify areas that require reforestation and tree planting efforts in different parts of Sri Lanka. We will also reach out to leading brand names in the country who can provide the necessary funding, equipment, and expertise to support these efforts in the form of providing saplings, fertilizers, and tools required for planting trees.

Encourage female and young cyclists in rural parts of Sri Lanka

One of our main CSR initiatives is to ‘Encourage female and young cyclists in rural parts of Sri Lanka’. Through this initiative, we aim to help promote physical fitness and improve the overall health of females in rural parts of the island. Moreover, cycling can provide females with a means of transportation, which can increase their mobility, independence, and social and economic opportunities. It can help them overcome social barriers and reduce their dependence on male family members for transportation. As such, encouraging females to cycle can help promote gender equality and empower women. It can challenge gender stereotypes, increase female participation in traditionally male-dominated activities, and promote a more inclusive and equitable society.

We at Across Ceylon are aware that female cyclists face numerous challenges, including social norms, safety concerns, and lack of access to bicycles and cycling infrastructure. As per our CSR schedule, we will be conducting quarterly workshops targeting females from Northern, Eastern and Southern provinces of Sri Lanka in achieving this initiative.