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$3450 pp


7 day Cycling Tour
Explore Sigiriya and Pidurangala
Visit the sacred Temple of Tooth relic
Tea Factory Visit
Elephant Safari
Sea Bath


9 Nights in 4/5 Star Luxury Hotels


Ala Carte
Authentic Sri Lankan Meals
Western (Breakfast)


The tour participant can be entertained with below highlights subject to availability

  • Jaffna City tour
  • Jaffna Fort
  • Jaffna Nallur Shrine
  • Authentic Jaffna Crab Curry Experience
  • Anuradhapura  and Polonnaruwa Ancient City Tour
  • Tea Factory Visit and Tea Tasting Session At Nuwara Eliya
  • Visit the 8th Wonder of the World/UNESCO world heritage site Sigiriya (Lion Rock)
  • Elephant Safari in Udawalawa National Park
  • Dip in the fresh waters of Southern coast line with water sport activities


  • All logging *
  • All food and beverages**
  • Bianchi Oltre XR4 , Aria , XR3 , Aquila CV , Intenso
  • Daily Bike Wash
  • cycling kit – Jersey
  • Daily post-ride massage from a professional soigneur
  • Laundry service for cycling clothing
Not Included
  • Pre/post-trip lodging is not included
  • Beverages ordered by guests beyond normal amounts and away from group activities will incur additional charges”


Tour date Price per adult Spaces left Tour code  
04/12/2023 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-001-12-23
01/02/2024 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-002-02-24
01/04/2024 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-003-04-24
01/06/2024 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-004-06-24
01/08/2024 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-005-08-24
01/10/2024 2900 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-006-10-24
01/12/2024 2500 10 COAST TO COAST-CC-007-12-24


                Our trip will begin in Negombo, Sri Lanka, a coastal town known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture. We will arrive at the bustling fish market, where we will witness local fishermen hauling in their catches of colorful tropical fish, lobsters, and crabs. The aroma of freshly grilled seafood will waft through the air, making our mouths water. We will stroll along the golden sands of Negombo Beach, taking in the sight of fishermen mending their nets and locals playing cricket on the shores. In the evening, we will explore the historic Dutch Fort, built during the colonial era, and marvel at its impressive architecture. As the sun sets over the horizon, we will indulge in some delicious Sri Lankan cuisine, feasting on spicy curries and aromatic rice dishes at a local eatery. The warm hospitality of the locals and the rich cultural heritage of Negombo will leave us eager to continue our adventure in this enchanting part of Sri Lanka.


                Embarking on a thrilling adventure, we set out on a 50-kilometer cycle ride from Negombo to Jaffna, Sri Lanka. Riding through picturesque countryside, we pedaled past lush paddy fields, quaint villages, and serene lakes. Along the way, we stopped to savor local delicacies, refreshing ourselves with coconut water and enjoying the warm hospitality of the locals. After a challenging yet exhilarating ride, we reached Jaffna, a city steeped in history and culture. The next day, we embarked on a scenic 6-hour drive, traversing through beautiful landscapes, passing by colorful temples and bustling markets. As we approached Jaffna, we were greeted by the sight of Jaffna Fort, a testament to the city’s rich heritage. Our journey was filled with awe-inspiring experiences and unforgettable memories, making it a truly remarkable adventure.

                We set out on an exciting 50-kilometer city cycle ride in Jaffna, Sri Lanka, exploring the vibrant streets and soaking in the local culture. We pedaled through the bustling markets, where we were tantalized by the aroma of fragrant spices and the colorful array of fresh fruits and vegetables. We passed by historical landmarks such as the Jaffna Library, renowned for its impressive architecture and rich collection of Tamil literature. We also visited the iconic Nallur Kandaswamy Kovil, a prominent Hindu temple with its ornate towers and intricate carvings. We interacted with friendly locals, who shared stories about the city’s history and traditions. In the evening, we enjoyed a delicious Jaffna-style meal, savoring the flavors of the region. Our city cycle ride in Jaffna was a unique and immersive experience, allowing us to truly appreciate the charm and allure of this culturally-rich city.

                Embarking on an epic adventure, we set off on a thrilling 140-kilometer cycle ride from Jaffna to Vauniya in Sri Lanka. Riding through the picturesque landscapes, we pedaled past verdant paddy fields, quaint villages, and serene lakes. We took breaks to sample local snacks and interact with friendly villagers, who greeted us with warm smiles. After a challenging yet exhilarating ride, we reached Vauniya, where we boarded a car for a 1-hour drive to Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

                Embarking on a thrilling adventure through the ancient ruins of Anuradhapura, followed by an exhilarating 30km cycle ride, is a journey like no other. Pedaling along the well-preserved paths of this UNESCO World Heritage Site, one can marvel at the awe-inspiring ancient temples, palaces, and monasteries, each telling a story of a bygone era. The 30km cycle ride takes you through breathtaking landscapes, with lush greenery and serene lakes providing a picturesque backdrop. After the exploration of Anuradhapura, the onward 65km cycle ride to Dambulla promises to be equally captivating, passing through scenic countryside, quaint villages, and local markets. The thrill of the open road, the rich cultural heritage, and the stunning natural beauty make this journey an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers and history enthusiasts alike.

                Embarking on a cycling adventure to Sigiriya and Pidurangala rocks is a thrilling experience for nature and history lovers alike. Pedaling through the scenic landscapes of Sri Lanka, one can marvel at the lush greenery, paddy fields, and local village life. Upon reaching Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress, and Pidurangala, its neighboring rock, the real adventure begins with a challenging climb to the summit. From the top, the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside are simply breathtaking, making the effort worthwhile. After descending, the onward journey to Dambulla rock temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is equally mesmerizing. Cycling through picturesque villages and scenic routes, one can explore the fascinating caves adorned with ancient Buddhist murals and statues. This unforgettable journey is a perfect blend of adventure, nature, and culture, offering an immersive experience of Sri Lanka’s rich heritage.

                We will embark on an exciting cycling adventure from Sigiriya to Kandy, covering a distance of 90km. We will pedal through the lush green landscapes, passing by picturesque villages and bustling markets. The cool breeze will brush against my skin as we pedal along the winding roads, taking in the breathtaking scenery of Sri Lanka’s countryside. Finally, we will arrive at Kandy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and visit the revered Temple of the Tooth, where we will witness the rich cultural heritage of the country and marvel at its ancient architecture. It will be an unforgettable journey, filled with adventure, culture, and the joy of cycling in the beautiful landscapes of Sri Lanka.

                We will set out on an exhilarating cycling expedition from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, also known as “Little England”. We will pedal through the misty hills, traversing the tea plantations that blanket the landscape in vibrant shades of green. The winding roads will challenge my cycling skills, but the breathtaking scenery of mist-covered valleys, cascading waterfalls, and rolling hills will be my reward. As I approach Nuwara Eliya, We will be captivated by its colonial charm, with its quaint English-style cottages and manicured gardens. We will immerse ourselves in the town’s cool climate and explore its rich history and culture. It will be an unforgettable adventure, filled with the natural beauty and colonial heritage of Sri Lanka’s picturesque hill country.

                We will embark on an epic cycling journey from Nuwara Eliya to Udawalawa, spanning a distance of 140km. We will pedal through the mist-shrouded hills of Sri Lanka’s hill country, descending along winding roads that offer panoramic vistas of tea plantations, valleys, and forests. The cool mountain air will invigorate us as We make my way through picturesque villages, waving to friendly locals along the way. As we descend further, the landscape will transition into the lowlands, with the temperature rising and the scenery changing to lush green paddy fields and tropical foliage. Finally, we will arrive at Udawalawa, home to the renowned Udawalawe National Park, where we will have the chance to witness Sri Lanka’s majestic elephants and diverse wildlife up close. It will be a thrilling and awe-inspiring cycling adventure, filled with stunning landscapes and unforgettable encounters with nature.

                We will embark on an exciting 100km cycling adventure from Udawalawa to Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka. We will pedal along the scenic roads, leaving the wilderness of Udawalawa behind and gradually making my way towards the serene coastline. The landscape will change from lush greenery to coastal vistas, as we ride past picturesque villages, swaying palm trees, and idyllic beaches. The warm sea breeze will greet us as we approach the beautiful Mirissa beach, known for its pristine golden sands and turquoise waters. We will reward myself with a refreshing dip in the ocean and relax on the beach, taking in the breathtaking sunset over the horizon. It will be a memorable cycling journey, filled with the beauty of Sri Lanka’s coastal landscapes and the joy of exploring the island on two wheels.

                After an amazing cycling holiday in Sri Lanka, we will board a comfortable coach from Mirissa to either Colombo or Negombo, depending on our onward plans. As the coach glides along the coastal highway, we will reminisce about the stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and rich culture that we experienced during our cycling adventure. We will marvel at the beauty of the Indian Ocean and the vibrant local life that passes by. Upon reaching Colombo or Negombo, we will bid farewell to the fellow cyclists we met during our trip, and either continue our onward vacation in Sri Lanka or head to the airport for our flight back home. It will be a bittersweet moment, as we reflect on the wonderful memories made during our cycling holiday in Sri Lanka and anticipate sharing our experiences with friends and family back home.

                ROUTE MAP


                Northgate by Jetwing or Equivalent

                Northgate by Jetwing or Equivalent

                As the capital of our island’s Northern province, Jaffna remains comfortably connected to the rest of Sri Lanka in a region that hosts some of the most exciting cultural experiences our island has to offer.

                Northgate by Jetwing or Equivalent

                Northgate by Jetwing or Equivalent

                Nearly half a century ago, our legendary brand of hospitality was born on this very coastline. From the warm hearts of a Sri Lankan family,